1. I think that RSO is kind of the secret edible here, because it counts as a vape concentrate, so that means the daily maximum is 590 mg of THC, rather than 110 mg like it would be for an edible. From what I've seen, RSO is meant to be used as an edible. I saw a video with Rick Simpson himself, and he said it's for oral consumption, you just put a little bit on your finger and scrape it off onto your teeth and then take a drink of cold water and swallow the piece of RSO.

  2. I wouldn’t put product number and all that info. People can copy those and put them on fake product packaging to sell fake products. Just show what’s important thc milligram and terpenes

  3. I vape mine too it is actually smoother than pineapple Express co2 less cough and I like the taste.
    Nice video 👌
    I have multiple medical issues and eating it is why I mainly use it it helps with a lot of stuff 👍

  4. A couple of things you should investigate. One is Vaping Related Disease. Second this product has not been winterized. It still contains fats and waxes in the oil. It will end up creating masses in your lungs. This not only affects the Bronchiole tubes but the lungs as well. Definitely would not be using this for this purpose. Now that said BHO extraction with winterization would be a much better option out of a flower to make vape juice. Or just use a rosin press and dab it.l Be warned folks it aint about the taste but health risks.

  5. I've been vaping it in my pen and it's work now it's too thick but it's fucking 10 times better than everything I just need to figure out how much glycerin to use so I can not waste it in my mod put it in my pen

  6. I've been dabbing home made rso for 2 nearly 3 years now, it has helped me stop smoking cigarettes without getting any cravings or withdrawals at all – and I was a heavy cigarette smoker for over 25 years, doctors told me I had COPD because I was coughing up blood – so I started vaping rso And 2 nearly 3 years later Im much healthier and don't cough blood anymore and can breath nice and deep and feel I owe it all to rso, it also killed my anxiety and depression and stopped my teeth from hurting, it's a magical medicine – drink it smoke it eat it vape it it's good any way you can have it 🤜🤛 👌 🤙 👍

  7. Personal choice that I don't recommend actually vaping it, but eating it has been very successful in actually helping my severe pain a bit. My dispensary had the Cure Ohio FECO Oil and it tasted really good so far. The first batch I had was a lemon citrus dominate taste while my last couple vials were a batch that tasted like a blueberry or blue cookies strain. I eat 3 drops daily to maintain a good comfort through the day. It has become the main part of my regimen along with lozenges and rosins/live resins for breakthrough pain and extra bad days. I think they label it like that because of how the daily limit laws work. For instance if they label it as an edible (daily limit serving in edible is 110mg) it would be worth multiple days. If its labeled as vape oil then its a 590mg limit per daily unit. Anthony said this entire 0.5 gram vial is just over 300mg so it should count as a 1 day supply, it would be 5 days if it was an edible. At least they are working in our favor on this small part.

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