1. As the older gal in the conversation, your delivery reminds me of kids I hung out with in the 60's – entertaining. Actually, you remind me of youth. You know your stuff. I am a lifelong gardener and watch a lot of garden videos. A lot of what you are doing is also what I do for a great tomato crop. My plants are outdoors. I'm in the north west coast rain forest, Canada. I put beach umbrellas to protect both tomatoes and pot plants when it rains. The main problem for both is mildew and for tomatoes, blight. As you say trimming is best for greater harvest, light and energy not only for cannabis, but for almost everything in your garden. Can't wait until it's legalized in Canada. Then you can come up and do workshops and do the convention circuit. You have been the most informative cannabis gardener I have watched. Thanks.

  2. I should of waited before I commented because when I thought you just said the most stupid thing I've heard you opened your mouth again. Stop giving out bad info. If you are running out of room in your grow area then you have too many plants. If you ever want to learn the right way forget everything you know because you're full of shit.

  3. You're dwarfing your plants taking those power sun leaves off. Not good and I disagree with you. You were talking about cloning, yes you cut the leaves in half to make the clone start producing roots. You shouldn't be on here giving bad information.

  4. as the seeds Start. So mine just sprouted Do I need The light on them constantly? just sitten' outside my window absorbs sunlight when its up and nothing more when it sets..

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