How to Simplify Gardening While Maintaining Great Results (wsg/ PIGEONS420!)

Are you doing the most in the garden? Yeah, I get it, over time things can feel that way. How can we simplify things while still getting dank, plentiful harvests?


  1. Love listening to the lint lickers, What you guys do is so different from me. It was illegal in AZ so I gorilla grew for 4 decades. Now after Nov 30 it is legal. I got my greenhouse up and am starting 6 plants since you van only have 6 in flower at any one time for the 2 of us. I always grew the smoke way simple in great composted soil and water and then added some bloom bone meal when they go in flower. That's it. Now I'm building the greenhouse so I can train, take better care and hopefully get more flower per plant. You guys really have it made since you aren't 69 like me and already trying to get simple:-) Simple is good when you are older. Peace and remember you will be doing edibles when your lungs give out like mine:-)

  2. Pigeons is cool bro but he always tryna act like it’s some crazy chemistry to grow organic. Lol the chemistry is the hydroponics. You’re measuring Ppm, run off, ph, this ml that ml, this nute first etc. but he can’t understand get a bag of promix hp and add in some all purpose dry ammendments and water.? Maybe microbe inoculating once a week and top dressing once a month? Buts it’s sooo time consuming growing organic and he’s so busy this and a dad that. Lol so am I bro. And now YouTube and growing is your main source of income so you got the time. I just don’t get people they make too many excuses.

  3. i was natural soil, but inputs were too costly with 25 in flower, and 25 in veg's im trying remo supercharge pack with only feed once every 3 weeks,ive been using teas,and microbes, by the mass,and brix, and for me its really going good, the microbes are really carrying the Remo nutrients super far

  4. whats funny cuz its a line from bank and its monitored by valet software when you search internet from a browser comes up as drugs,and blocks it,unless its youtube,or facebook then they dont see it,but what's odd,its legal here in canada? and its says illegal drugs cant cont lol,i never bitch cuz its free,but strange they say illegal

  5. Learnt so much from you boys lately especially GREEN GOBLIN when it comes to living soil,organics,teas,microbes etc,love it

  6. I think that all of you and other groups doing these shows and then freely sharing the knowledge will ultimately make canna a legal commodity federally across the nation. Thank you

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