How To Pot & Care For Giant Bird Of Paradise Plant In Self-watering Lechuza Planter

In this video, Juliette takes on the challenge to pot giant Bird of Paradise plant into self-watering Lechuza Rondo 40 planter and shares Bird of Paradise care tips …


  1. Strelitzia Are a beautiful plants. They are native to South Africa. I bought one for my home four months ago. I live in Canada, it’s really cold and dark at winter., With dry heat going. I keep mine under a bright light, near a humidifier . Water only when it’s dry. Keep the leaves clean. Mine is growing really well. There’s always new leaves.

  2. Nice video. The planters though… I'd rather water more than spend a couple hundred on a planter. It's pretty easy once you learn your plant's needs. And since you have to water from the top for 3 months anyway, that's plenty of time to learn

  3. Your techniques and wise plants-woman strategies are really informative and helpful. The humidity probe makes tons of sense.. feeling when the top 2” are dry in a new pot-bound Strelizia (like mine) ain’t gonna happen. (Indeed it’s a pretty tall order in most house plants). I’m getting one! My BOP Regina has 5 glorious flowers right now, and I plan to do everything in my power to maintain them. Thanks for your video. Your finished product in this vid looks absolutely superb. Very helpful.

  4. So informative; thank you so much for this video. My BoP baby is looking a little sad and I contemplated tossing him, but now I see many ways to give him a boost. I will definitely be ordering that planter!

  5. Are you serious your plants have never flowered? I've got a 12 foot high cluster in my backyard and they have flowered every year since ive had the house. Thats 11 years.

  6. Just found your channel. Very well done and very detailed and informative. I love your accent. Keepnup the good work. Are these self watering planters good for most plants….say like for a Monstera plant?

  7. I have a Bird of paradise my I decided to plant mine out doors and I have see the white flower it so beautiful I would like to make more plants out of this plant and I have not been seceded,what could you recommend

  8. Thank you for all this great tips. Mine is inside, no direct sun , but next to a big window, so there is light. Here is winter and I have heaters, wich means NO HUMIDITY. My leaves are turning brown, could IT be overwatering? I do it once a week, around 1 lt , my pot is 75cm tall. Thank you very much

  9. I just got this plant like a small version in an 8 inch nersery pot frok homedepot, it’s in bright sunlight and it’s being watered and misted, but for some reason all the leaves are turning brown at the edges and splitting more then they should,

  10. i like your style. im going to repot in the next few days. i watched a few videos and then there was yours. by far the best information. I'm not doing a self water system but going to review again just before replanting. thank you

  11. Love your vdo very good describes, easy and enjoyable watching. What happen after 3-4 months. Are you going to change the way to give the plant water? I’m very curious. I just have my first bird paradise and really worry about it, as I never look after big plant before? 🙏🌿💚☘️🍀

  12. Great and informative video, Juliette! Everything is so clear and great editing. I’m so glad I found you! Keep up the good job! Can’t wait to watch your other videos. Thank you.

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