l show you how easy it is to use your whipper snipper/weed wacker as a lawn mower is this instructional video. Want to help us entertain you? Making these …


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  2. Great video, I was wondering is there a way to identify what type of grass you have as I’ve moved into a new place and can’t tell what type it is. So I can use the right type of weed killer

  3. Does it also cut very tall grass efficiently? My father is making me mow our ditch (even though there was a "No Trespassing" Sign was put up recently) and the lawn mower we use is very old. I think we've had this lawn mower for about 11 years or so and it still works, but it's condition is okay but not great, and my father is making me mow the ditch, when it keeps dying on me, this even includes some areas of our lawn, both front and back yard.

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