How to Mix Nutrients For Cannabis

Learn how to mix the best nutrients for cannabis plants. Everything you need to know to mix fertilizers for marijuana. Simple easy step-by-step instructions and …


  1. I was wondering can the gh maxi grow veg and bloom powder replace the gh flora series while using in coco or would that a recipe for disaster? I just recently bought the big 16 lbs of it. So I was being hopeful? Any suggestions would appreciated on that idea. Thanks

  2. Great video but if you mix say 5 litre following the guide, you then have the correct NER, but if the EC is around 2400 you need to dilute with plain water but if you're then adding another 3.5L to reduce the EC. Will you still have the correct NER when the volume is now 8.5L

  3. You don’t need to add cal mag first , can be added anytime , and wait a hour haha dint need to wait a hour , I use straight tap water in my nutes adjust ph if need and water that bitch , 1100 ppm in veg that is high 😂

  4. If I add cal mag and the three bases only in the seedling period how much ppm should I maintain ? Since your chart adds other nutrients I would like to know what should be the ppm without the additions .

  5. to prevent blockages, you say to add cal-mag before the nutrients, so being in soil and organic I limed my soil with dolomitic lime the previous fall and as a precaution I added on the surface of shell powder in early July, then would it be safe to add guano (phosphorus) gradually? or should I wait rather around August to add phosphorus while being in the northern hemisphere?

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