How To Make Small Batch Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil With Less Smell Tested With The tCheck2

Delivering upon many request, we have a Small Batch Infused Coconut Oil using an Eighth of Flower and 3/4 Cup Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. I hope you …


  1. I have my own business and need a accurate device to test cbd and thc I have cbd products I make and sell so need accurate device can't make any mistakes with my company or my products I will do my own review if a company sends me one to review with return label if I like I will buy it

  2. Really dig your videos. It's so hard doing the math trying to calculate your on mg per batch. This looks amazing. I have a question though your oil came out to 86mg per tablespoon and 12 tablespoon in 3/4 cup. And 3.5 grams flowers. Does that mean the herb gave you over 240 mgs per gram aka 24% thc?
    Blessings and raspect

  3. Hello thanks for the video! What was your sativa testing at prior to infusion (%) The percentages posted in video are the potency per measurement per extract so that 28% you tested was per teaspoon or tablespoon. So the bigger the measurement the higher the potency ?

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