How To Make Seeds AND Bud With 6 Cannabis Plants OR LESS! Ft Mars Hydro FC4800

Well, breeding (or more like simple seed making) won out over budding…but the best thing may be to show you how to do BOTH in one cycle, and using VERY …


  1. Hi lex love your videos, i have a plant that has bananas all over it. I belive it was because of a small red light on fan next to it. Question is. If bannana was caused by stress and not genetics, will seeds it produces be normal or have high herm/bannana chance?

  2. Episode idea!
    Where do different strain names come from and what do they mean?
    Some, like Afghan Kush for example, are obvious but there are many that aren't.
    Personally I would like to know where the "Gorilla" part in Gorilla cookies or Gorilla Auto comes from.

  3. Lex, do you have a tried and true diy super soil recipe that can be made using ingredients easily available in Canada? I’m going to be trying some soil I made with ingredients available locally….a mix of potting soil, proMix, perlite, blood meal, bone meal, dolomite lime, crab shell, ground seaweed, magnesium sulphate, sheep manure compost…..dunno if I’ll have any success but gotta start somewhere…I’ve had it “ cooking” for about two months…..up to now I’ve just been growing with proMix and General Hydroponics Flora series…

  4. My Oklahoma card let's me have 12 6 veg and 6 seeding at a time. I'd like to get the other license because it pretty much removes all limits.
    Oklahoma card covers (if anyone would like to know)
    Possess up to 3 ounces on person
    Possess 6 seeding 6 mature
    Possess 1 ounce of concentrate on person
    Posses 72 ounce of edibles
    Posses up to 8 ounces in residence

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