How to Make Dried Beans in the Instant Pot: NO SOAKING REQUIRED!!! This is the EASIEST Recipe!

YES!!! You can make dried beans WITHOUT soaking! Thanks to the Instant Pot! It will save you so much time, money, and is an essential in an whole foods …


  1. I didn’t know dry beans changed over time. Thanks for that tip. Several years ago, I bought a huge bag of pinto beans from Sam’s Club and just held on to them so I’d always have some pinto beans available. But it can be an all day cooker, in a slow cooker, if I want them tender.

  2. When you say to let the pressure release naturally does that mean after cook time is up you don't touch the pressure release valve at all? Thanks.

  3. Would I follow these same directions even if I'm using a different pressure cooker than you're using? I'm using an 8-quart aluminum pressure cooker by
    Philippe Richard

  4. Morning from Indiana .I have a question you said you put yours on pressure cook then set it on 25 minutes I have set mine like that and when done beans are still hard another ? how long does it take to reach pressure when starting ? Thank you

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