How To Make Cannabis Infused Liquid Coconut Oil | Potent Liquid Cannabis Coconut Oil

Back with another infusion video, this recipe work no matter your infusion method. You Will Need – Liquid Coconut Oil – Flower (or preferred choice) – Slow …


  1. Do yourself a favor brother & purchase the Magical Butter Machine for 159.99. Discount code ARMMJANDRECIPES if you would like to use it to bring the price down from $199.99. Use a little sunflower lecithin per infusion, not as much as you used for that small amount in the video, general rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of lecithin per 1 cup Measured Accurately. Infuse it with the oil, not after the infusion is done. Sunflower lecithin blends & binds better with heat & time, not after the infusion is done with. If you would have made this exact infusion inside the MBM your tester would have been 12%+ easy. The Levo is NOT removing all of the Cannabinoids properly, I have confirmed this with multiple test. Hope the info helps out bro & you can start actually getting all the money out of your infusions, Cheers.

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