How To Make Bubble Hash (Ice Water Cannabis Concentrate): Cannabasics #41

Learn How To Make Bubble Hash, an old fashioned method of making Ice Water Cannabis Concentrates on Cannabasics. Find supplies in our Amazon store: …


  1. Not bad. Try super freezing your weed with CO2 (dry ice or fire extinguisher both work), before adding your flowers to the bubble bags. This will allow for shorter stir time and much higher yields from your first (primo) run

  2. I was looking into this due to the higher yields when compared with dry sifting (it all ends up going through a rosin press before I use it anyway) but straight up, it just doesn't seem like it's worth the extra time and hassle.

  3. So I finally got my Kit after watching many videos. My first batch I did it how this video shows, but I'm a skilled Blue collar with many tools. So i ran out to home depot bought 5 more buckets and some fittings. I cut off the bottom of 3 buckets for a 5 bag kit, the Forth one I cut out part of the middle and lift the bottom with a 4 inch rim then installed a wide funnel and t valve with JB Weld then put a stainless steel grill on top of the funnel to prevent the bag from clogging the funnel for the mixing bucket. So Now i just put the buckets on the jig that hold each bucket in order mix the top bucket, when it's ready i just turn the T valve open and and walk away do something else. 25 min later everything is drained threw Only took me 1 time to come up with a much easier way LOL

  4. If you take your bucket when you're completely done with the water let the bucket sit for 24 hours then psiphon the water off the top put it into a small clear glass repeat process until your left with some very pure trichomes

  5. If you want to make life easier get a 2 x 4 piece of wood and attach a drill with a wooden spoon and let the drill mix the swill while you smoke a doobie and play guitar.

  6. Decent! I'm a woman with disabilities, on a fixed income, so this is extremely useful information! Even better, I'm moving to Canada next year… This might very well get me a precious job offer, to add to my Permanent Residency application! Thank you so much!

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