HOW TO KILL WEEDS and CRABGRASS Without Killing Grass – Weed Control

This video shows how to kill weeds in the lawn without killing the lawn. This will also kill the crabgrass. If you like my content please like, comment, and …


  1. Ok, no PPE, check. Mixing your chemical in a container that doesn’t follow the label of the chemical you are using, check. Filling your tank on a walkway and seeing the residuals flow where people walk, check. Walking into the spray rather than walking backwards, check. I didn’t mention your soaked shoes and socks. I’m sure your legs received a treatment. But I believe that lawn you treated looked amazing within a week.👍

  2. Hi!! What kind of products did you used on your lawn,? My lawn has a lot of crabgrass and I'm looking for a good formula that will help me getting rid of the crabgrass without killing the lawn. I will appreciate if you help me with what to buy. Thanks

  3. I just added some herbacide (Tenacity) to my lawn about a week ago; pre-emergence. I plan on a post-emergence application in a couple weeks. My question is; can i spray that Weed Killer as well, I guess I am being very impatient and these Dandelions are an eyesore?

  4. I noticed the herbicide you used has 2,4D in it. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but if the temperature is over 90 degrees it will yellow your grass. Also, the mixture seemed a bit extreme. I use straight 2,4D and dicamba and I don't ever use over an ounce of product in one gallon of water plus surfactant. I would like to see the result of your application.

  5. I've moved into a new house and the lawn is completely full of weeds. I'm going to apply turf but I'm unsure if digging up the top layer will be sufficient or do I need to apply weed killer first then remove the top layer?

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