How to Find Jumbo Perch In the Pot Holes of North Dakota – In-Depth Outdoors TV Season 15 Episode 6

James Holst and PJ Vick walk you through how to use the internet and Humminbirds MEGA 360 to ice JUMBO Perch in the potholes of North Dakota! If you want …


  1. Buddy , I got a green light for night fishing for x mas! Last peice of ice equipment for this year! I want night ice, I got the 15 to 18 dollar china made! After many hours video s, the big lights seam to scare more fish! I lit it up n 14×14 room dark! It's perfect not too much!

  2. Watching you pull those delicious eats from the pond makes me long to return to North Dakota. Remembering those negative December to February sub zero mornings that often occur, confirms I'm presently in a better place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Upsizing the baits is also what they recommend you do for the deep water perch in Madison Wisconsin . They say the fish die coming up from those deeper depths & upsizing prevents killing undersized fish .

  4. Yeah you guys crushed em. I got a bit of cabin fever because it hasn't been nearly as cold as it should be for making ice. I might run to a nearby lake this coming weekend to see if we have fishable ice but its been give or take around here.

  5. Question for you:
    I rarely if ever keep a limit anywhere. But if I live in MN and ND's limit is higher, can I bring a limit home? secondly, are ND potholes accessible if there is no road next to them? (landlocked).

  6. Great show James and PJ. I myself do not keep any perch under 10 inches. Your spot on the spot was awesome. Wisconsin has a find a lake page and it gives all the info for all lakes big and small. That is how I find a lot of the smaller out of the way lakes I fish I have to work to get to some of them but the pay off is great. Have a safe and happy New Year until the next show stay safe and tight lines.

  7. Good to see people that aren't scared to say it. Merry Christmas to the ido team and your families as well. Love the show. Wish you would do some videos from montana other then fort peck. But even though love the show. Enjoy waking up sundays to a new episode.

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