How to Decarb in a Mason Jar – Mason Jar Decarboxylation for Edibles

Learn how to decarboxylate cannabis in a mason jar with this simple method. Decarboxylation is a necessary process when you are making cannabis edibles.


  1. i was interested in this method for maximum strength and thought some THC was escaping as a gas but if the lid is not sealed then gas is still getting lost . Will the jar explode if its sealed
    i've been using the cup of water , stick of butter and 7G of pot method , boked at 240 for 3 to 4 hours but I'm looking for more kick .Thanks

  2. Hi, don’t know if u still answering to comments but i was wondering if i can just add the coconut oil in it and put it back in the oven rather than in water? If so what temperature should i keep it at and how long apriximitely?

  3. Hi! I dont know if you are still replying to comments but I was wondering what the benefits are of decarbing your cannabis in a mason jar, as opposed to just decarbing it on a baking tray or something?
    One thought I had was it would decrease the odor, but not sure how significantly because the lid is not closed all the way. I would want to try something like this if it were the case, that the sent would not be as strong.
    Please let me know!! Thank you in advance!

  4. Cooking up some ice cream cake keif, loose trim. I'm going for 255@ 30 min. X 2. Cool in over slowly door open. If I had the monies to spare lil skeptical also but that nova decarboxilator says converts over all cannabinoids to active at near 100%, as opposed to sketchy ovens. Glass takes more heat to get hot than steel or metal so why I'm choosing 255., Cheers

  5. 3 things I noticed happen nicely when mmj is decarbed.
    First: it seem to b a bit stronger.
    I smoke same weed 4 some time and got used to the strength fast. After I activated (decarb) it, it was fuller in strength and I got "stined" again.
    2nd: much much less gunk in the pipe, bong and vulcano.
    3rd: the paranoia effect is gone. My wife … no more P.
    I just think … dont know 4 sure … that the stuff creating paranoia goes already by 250F for 45 minutes …. that my way. It might go already at lower temp.
    Another little bonus 4 me is that I like to eat some, I take little over 1/2 gram only to eat. Im very sensitive …. eating turn is very nice and gr8 for my joints in the whole body.
    Might give it a try if you have lots to go and feel it does not what the first puffs did.
    Enjoy everyone and keep loving 4 a better world.
    Love 2 all

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