1. 1) Hold every hit in. 2) don't take such a big hit you can't hold it in 3) if you're passing a bowl around check if it's still cherried before putting the flame to it again 4) pack one hit at a time, even if it's a big bowl. 5) watch this video i guess (i didn't)

  2. How did I miss this video??
    Once I got my Pax, I haven't smoked except one puff from a blunt. Lungs just started to burn. Just can't handle smoke. When I shared with friends this was my one last time cause it was like when I smoked cigs. "Get a vape!" what? On lady told me how they just were cleaner and better. Just that it costs for the good ones. Some asked to see my phone and pulled up to show me. Well the cost wasn't really an issue , went with a Pax, the Pax 3, and got the EVO to celebrate the California Ballot measure victory! You will notice this almost immediately! The amount you usually go through in say, a week. That will last 2 weeks a
    I have get caught up! I caught I stream awhile back with 2 guys that were fun, first time I saw them.
    If you happen to see this question on this old video, If you grind up like a week's worth all at once, for convenience and store it in a glass jar with a lid in a dark area, is that frowned upon? I get the impression from other conversations that it's more a connoisseur type deal. Like grinding whole bean coffee up right before brewing a pot. Or already grown. Grinding is what has the strongest aroma.
    There's other containers on the market. I'm off to check out your sponsor's website 🙂

  3. Woah I've seen the video before but now that I'm high I really notice the awesome music. Very fitting for a techy (if that a word?) stoner like Bogart.

  4. You can make a Gravity Bong out of a Carlo Rossi jug 4.0L. Dip some string or yarn into acetone and wrap around the jug. I have a bucket of cold water. Set the string on fire and rotate it for a few seconds and quickly dunk it in the bucket. It makes a clean cut at the bottom. It takes very little weed to get a milky hit and you are stoned for hours

  5. i have a flowermate mini vape and it doesn't get me high at all. it wastes vaper, you cant stop hitting it from the time your weed vapes till its done, so it wastes a lot. the one upside is you can really taste your weed very purely, very cleanly, and you can take the already vaped weed and smoke it and actually get high. TLDR portable herb vapes suck, just get a big ass volcano

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