How to Clean Vape Tank. Tips on cleaning your oil vape cartridge and maintaining 510 carts & tanks

Ever wonder how to clean vape tank after your oil or residue has been sitting in it. Do you have vape tanks or 510 thread cartridges that you want to clean and …


  1. so this video is super helpful with the basics of cleaning. but I would like to see a video for the ripper 2.0..also when I emailed she said to clean it out before every fill up. to me this seems like rather over kill and or a waste of time and alc. wouldn't it make more sense to do it every time you need to replace the heater ?? also I asked if she could replace the coil for wax with a additional oil coil because I don't smoke wax and she said nah she couldn't. I'm still hyped for the ripper to come in but I've bought from a lot of companies (yocan, vdab200, 760glass,) all of those companys have pretty much worked with me when it comes to me asking them to make adjustments.. ill be writing a review of the product and your guys customer service which so far is just links to 30 minute videos instead of answering a simple question. Don't get me wrong I get bored and watch your videos on products but sometimes I don't have a half hour to kill watching a video..

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