How To Build A Curved Shaft 4 Stroke Stihl Weed Eater – Video

Can Steve make a new grass trimmer from parts? Yes he can. Watch now as he pulls apart 2 dead trimmers to make one fully functioning unit. He is working with …


  1. Sweet.

    I recently put a straight shaft from a Husqvarna 128 onto a Stihl FS40 engine head. The driveshaft was the same, I just had to shorten the shaft tube by about 1". Works like a charm!

  2. Hey Steve, your videos are all ways consisse and entertaining, today I'm breaking out my echo gas powered hedge trimmer and some 25 oz.bud dry cans I found at a local market for .99 cents each, hopefully I'll be able to annoy some of my annoying neighbors and tighten up my yard. Cheers!

  3. I watched 1 of your video regarding on this subject and 1 of the major different thing with curved & straight shaft is the head rotate in opposite direction ….you should mention and explaining this….thanks

  4. I really like how he tries different beers I mean I am a 2 beer man but I want to tell everybody out there that watches Steve's videos check this out get a Pabst Blue Ribbon No Lie pop it open and take a good drink and I'm going to tell you what I don't know what it is about Pabst Blue Ribbon it's not because it's red white and blue can or whatever I do have an American flag hanging outside my house it's not because it's made in Milwaukee and I do like Milwaukee cordless tools even though I did buy some Ridgid cordless this time the beer tastes very good Eddie way thanks Steve for everything you're doing keep the videos coming and give that Pabst Blue Ribbon a try

  5. Pretty cool making one good trimmer out of 2 junks, if Stihl was watching this video you may have just given them the idea of making a curved shaft 4 stroke trimmer lol!

  6. Completely off topic. Steve I need help diagnosing a Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger 61 inch diesel zero turn mower. I can't tell if I'm having hydro pump issues or wheel motor issues. Or air in the system. Symptoms are the following: when the right drive lever is moved either forward or backwards the right drive wheel will sputter. I can describe it like this "its as if you you had a car and would hit the gas pedal then release it 10 times in 2 seconds."
    Once the drive levers are fully open forward the door mower will go full speed. However at full speed with both drive levers completely open forward every now and then the right side will suddenly gain more power then lose it right away, Making the mower almost want to lose control.

    I've attempted to bleed the air out as I'm sure it had a lot of air in there. The mower had 3 blown hydraulic hoses and a hole in the hydraulic oil filter. All have been replaced. Dump valves are closed and pump belts are tightened.

    Any input would help I would prefer to not spend 4,200 dollars on the hydraulic system if I don't have to. Thanks Steve.

  7. Steve, I would love it if you did a video on how you would run a small engine off of propane in an emergency. I have seen guys use bbq manifolds with hoses ran to the carburetor to run generators. And I have seen dudes literally drill a hole in the air box and shove a hose in it and use a valve to control propane fuel. Of course there are legit kits you can buy but just wanted your opinion. Thanks love you and your videos

  8. VIDEO REQUEST: Details regarding teh difference between commercial and residential push mowers!!
    I keep hearing vague descriptions but as a lawn service provider I end up just using residential machines until they start to lose performance (sometimes over a full year of use) and then re-sell. I don't understand why people are paying upwards of 1,200 for a push mower just because it has a bigger bag or the engine stays on while when you have to stop and grab something.
    I'm looking for real, concrete reasons for the investment (outside of possible tax and financing benefits that might come into play from a business standpont). Thanks if you can manage this!

  9. That was cool. I just did the samething lastweek to my homelite trimmer. The connecting rod broke in the one i was using. Found one in the garbage the that had a bent shaft. Took it home got the engine running and then swapped the motors around

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