How to apply BT to cannabis flowers

Damn.. had to do it. So many caterpillars are in my plant.. I found 3, so there are likely a lot more. This is what to do if you have a caterpillar infestation during …


  1. Thanks for sharing not good to Spray in direct sunlight wait at least until an hour after sunlight was on them also make sure to use filtered water the BT will not work with Tap water or faucet water if it has any chlorine in it the Bacteria in the BT will not be beneficial

  2. You should not spray in direct sunlight..,should apply in evening. Also a good thing to do a hydrogen peroxide wash when u harvest if u have caterpillar issues…gets all the poop outta yur buds without hurting the potency. One thing might also try…for some worms/caterpillars black light flashlights can make em glow at nigh (know works well with tomato hornworms)…might be worth a try…

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