How To Adjust The Throttle Cable On A Stihl Weed Eater – Video

Cables on these will stretch and need to be adjusted to maintain wide open throttle. Quick, easy and fast method to do this. Applies to 4-mix Stihl units including …


  1. Steve I have a Kawasaki trimmer that suddenly had a throttle lever w no resistance and wouldnt do more than just start and die. I've been watching your channel for a month or so, so I looked for your video that was about almost the same problem I was having. Anyhow, I learned about wide open throttle and what it looks like watching your video. I opened the throttle lever assembly on my trimmer, saw that the throttle cable had become disconnected inside the housing and was able to reattach it. Runs like a dream again. Really appreciate the education!

  2. That's really cool. But that's a expensive weedeater. What about say a Weedeater brand XT 90? Is there any way to adjust these cables? I've watched a lot of your video's. I've rebuilt the carburetor, put new fuel line in, tuned it and it runs awesome except one thing that I can't figure out. The throttle cable is to short. Unless I use a screwdriver and push the throttle all the way back, it revs kinda high. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  3. thanks steve. I should have watched this before swapping the cable. Not sure if I got the "cogged" plastic piece in the handle all the way forward or back when I installed the cable. Worst case scenario I have to take it apart again…but no big deal. Thanks for the adjustment info!

  4. Hey Steve Ive really appreciated your videos. You clearly explain and show what you are doing . I have a Husqvarna BT 125 leaf blower. Picked it up at a yard sale for $5 engine was seized. Went through now it starts and runs great but the after market carburetor throttle cable is a good 1/4 inch short . Any way to take up the slack ?

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