How Some THC Is Legal — For Now | RS News 1/19/21

Delta-8-THC — a less-potent cousin of famed Delta-9-THC — is legal enough to sell in most states. But how does it work? And will the DEA shut it down? Get the …


  1. It's legal in Canada.
    And since it's legal…. well, I had to try it.
    Didn't work for me : yeah, there's many different and pleasant sensations….. yet I got scared by the fact that my heart rate got really crazy (as in crazy heart palpitations) and the fact that it gave me sort of a foggy brain that would stay with me for a few days.
    There was also ringing in the ears …… and even though I haven't had any mary jane for 6 months now….. the ringing still comes and goes.
    So…. that Delta 9 thing might be a great way forward when it comes to legalization elsewhere and user safety.

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  3. Or just, you know, legalize it all so we don’t have to have this baby nonsense anymore with at least one issue. None of it hurts anyone and it actually can help so many people. The DEA should have zero say in this matter.

  4. Stop ruining Delta 8!

    Also the guy from NORML is misreading the law.

    There's nothing illegal about Delta 8 derived from CBD.

    D8 is perfect for chronic pain or terminally ill patients who don't like the anxiety typically THC (delta 9) can cause

  5. While,ppl take antidepressants, and,commit suicide. It says,also,on label,of antidepressants, "causes compulsive disorder, and,suicides ". You can't smoke enough pot,to die,from it. Alcahol, yes. Veterans, are in need of medical cannabis, not,antidepressants, and,alcahol, Shelocks. It really,doesnt get ppl high, per sey,it seperates pain,from your physical body. May feel like a high? But,really a medical cure. Mitch McConnell ❤💰,not,🇺🇸veterans,never was one.

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