How Long Does THC Stay In Your System | 2019 Proof

Everybody talks about this all the time and I’m here to show you real live proof on how long it actually stay in your system!


  1. Hey wassup bro i weigh 140ish im 5’8 i been smoking weed alot almost 9 months str8 smokin hard but i have a fast metabolism and jus been drinkin hella water n barely started hitting the gym to get that sweat going how long u think it shud tke for me to b clean brotha? Thanks im advance

  2. It all depends how much you smoke and how much fat you have since thc actually stays in your fatness, someone who is overweight might take longer than 30 days and if you consume thc by eating edibles that would take even longer as well even if your a first time user, Someone who is not overweight and dose not have much fatness who is a marijuana user will usually take up to 14 days or 30 days to be clean but it all depends how much you smoke but if you wanna be clean ASAP secret is drinking a lot of water,try sweating it out,eat a lot of fruit mostly watermelon and also drinking cranberry juice as well these tips actually helped me but the sooner u quit smoking the better chance of passing a drug test (which also depends on many testing bars your going against)

  3. All right I don’t expect you to answer this but I might have a test tomorrow and I haven’t done it since December 19 it’s been about 70 days probably a little less and I went six months without it before I did it again. Will I’ll be good tomorrow??

  4. Man im pissed i stopped smoking on november 6th and still i think im dirty i used a dollar tree test and one line is dark amd the other is barely and i mean barely visible so i think im still dirty. And thata some bs i was an okay heavy smokey it was like a gram a day and some dabs but daumn! Im not even fat wtf is my body on! I was supposed to get this fed ex job but now idk if i can.

  5. I’m a casual smoker bout 2 times every other week and I weight bout 135 it’s been 2 months and I drink hella water and play football y’all think I’m
    Clean I just took a pre employment drug test

  6. I train and workout 3 times a week , a vegetarian, I’m about 183.7 pounds 5’9 . Smoke about 3 or more times per week and it takes me about 2 weeks to leave my system 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Ok man respond in the next 24 hours please! I haven’t smoked in 3 months I tested positive for covid today and have 14 days will I be ok if I have “1” 1.5-2 gram joint?

  8. Please answer my question! , i haven't smoked for like 3 months and after that I smoked only once for one day, but in that month I took much of secondary smoke, what do u think when will I clear?

  9. Ugh….I have a friend…😆 he needs to pass a cheap one next Friday…he is been lightening his use but told me he has been a bong guy…if he drinks lots of water and cranberry juice…can he beat it. Lol…."friend" is eager to know . So he can get his Job.

  10. Hey. I took 16.9mg/each of a edible. They were two sour patch candies. I am over the high faze, BUT! I have a weed hangover. I do not smoke nor do edibles. I was being grown and now I got myself in a rut 😩. Helppppp!! I am 27, 200lbs…i took the edibles sunday, october 11. Its now oct 14, when will i feel like my regular selffff

  11. If someone is a once in a while smoker like only 1-2 times a month. Works out and drink water and cranberry juice. Took a test and got two lines but you know how home drug test be. Do you think it’s out the system in aleast 10 days

  12. Shit sucks bruh. Its been a month and ive been drinking water sweating my ass off and drinking apple cider vinegar with water every other day. Even bought 7 day cleaner where im taking 4 pills in morning and 4 at night and im still positive. I was smoking everyday dabbing everyday. Im on day 36… gotta keep goin.

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