How I Make ABV Coconut Oil in the Crockpot (Cannabis Coconut Oil)

Cannabis Coconut Oil in the Crockpot from ABV. This is how I make ABV coconut oil (cannabis infused coconut oil from already vaporized weed). The oil can be …


  1. I just now got my jar of soy lecithin that I ordered from Amazon! I already got a jar of coconut oil and a cheese cloth. I have some ABV flower and some flower that I used to make BHO a long time ago that I'm going to try to make some edibles soon. Wish me luck!

  2. Nice Job! excellent video. quick question when you put the sunflower lecithin in the crockpot with butter/oil and water does it bind to the water ? i heard its better to use it after making butter if u are using water, like when u combine it with brownies. but if this is not the case i will add the lecithin. what are your thoughts?

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