How Do I Grow Bigger Buds? (AND BETTER BUDS!) [replay]

This week in the 420 Growers Club I had numerous calls with the similar theme: Why buds aren’t getting bigger. Well, there are a number of reasons that could …


  1. I really like your willingness to change things up try something new growmies are a stubborn lot. But I have been seeing a few that have switched from synthetics to organics and will never go back.

  2. Hey guys, you ever use green planet nutrients? I'm in week 2 of flower and using their 3 part system, its actually 7 different bottles. Just wondering if its a good idea to add their bud booster in. Thsnks for any help!

  3. Y’all videos I’ll man I appreciate y’all so much it’s hard to find reliable sources online specific to Michigan ive adapted some of your advice into my outdoor planning and my indoor lighting,just grabbbed my first 315 cmh coming from cheap amazon leds can’t wait to see the difference good advice I almost grabbed a solar extreme led before checking your vid I could get a couple 315cmh for the same price as one led and it really not spending 2-3g to light a 4×8 space at this point. Keep up the work fellas! 💪🏿 p.s. I smashed the shit out the like button rob 😂

  4. Just incase you guys don't know and are faced with a question, you can work out par from lumens and lumens from par … 1000 par= 1000÷0.015=66,666lumens
    100,000lumens/lux (the sun)= 100,000×0.015=1,500par, most people believe in par but can't afford a par meter, they have a lux meter, NOW IT DOESNT MATTER WITH WHITE LIGHT MAKING A COME BACK. Most ppl ain't got enough par or lumens

  5. Rob I like how you checked that dumbass and deleted him. By the way love both you guy. Definitely my favorite you tube channel. My birthday is the 5th of July. So cheers to both of us!! Yall take it easy

  6. ROB,Trey Must be like me as far as not being so tech friendly. If you can remember let him know to check out the growers club I left him a couple messages . Waiting for a reply.. Thanks,,,, Martin

  7. Bro i just got my attitude order a week ago. I it got to isc in chicago on may 8th. They held it for over a month before releasing it. Pandemic has things moving very very slowly.

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