How Can We Advance Veterans Rights for Access to Psychedelics and Plant Medicines? | PLS

Psychedelic Liberty Summit Sunday, April 26th Moderator: Emma Stamm Featured Speakers: Amy Rising, Ian Benouis, Jesse Gould and Matt Kahl: From being …


  1. Awesome to see! I'm a veteran that struggles and it feels like a risk to visit the VA because so far every time I've went I left feeling much worse mentally. The military also appeals to individuals who have been through trauma and are already at risk of further mental health complications. You don't need to have been through combat… most veterans have something important that needs healing.

    A lot of people in the military when I was in were very immature and hateful about mental health… we had classes about it and there were lots of jokes and making fun of people who have depression or suicidal thoughts. The culture is a part of the problem.
    The way I saw my fellow soldiers act, even e7's disgusted me. I really doubt it's changed and know those briefings are taken as seriously as routine safety briefings. I guess I expected better because it was really disappointing and that alone made me feel a bit insane. Hard to accept the reality of it all.

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