Today, we show you how to transplant your clones or seedlings and what size smart pots and containers when growing cannabis. It’s good to know what to do …


  1. If you don't have any haters you ain't poppin' 💯 🤷🏿‍♂️😎 I'll rock em' 🤟🏿🤙🏿Thanks for all the tips… new to the channel but I'm definitely dig'n it!

  2. I'll put my two cents in here. I come to stick with the 5 gallon pails. I will grow three (YES 3) AUTO FLOWERS in a gallon pail. That is my magical dial in! Yes, there are four 2 inch holes drilled into the bottom of each pail!

  3. I have a kinda of strange question, I have a plant that has become too high for my indoor space so I was wondering if I can transplant her in a bigger pot changin the angle of the main stem basically laying down the root ball in the new container.
    English isn't my first language so forgive me if I wasn't enough clear hahaahh

  4. Hey man I am new to this. Was wondering if you know of any good reliable places to get seeds from? I am in the US and don't want to use bitcoin any gelp would be greatly appreciated

  5. Been watching a few channels now I've started indoors myself and I gotta say I like you're vids man! There's a certain way people get across information to those watching & i seem to find it comfortable here lol. Keep up the awesome work man, appreciate the content!

  6. thanks for your videos man . your wasting your time answering to haters bro waste of time . i have a question as always . can you use liquid nutes with organic soil ? im trying to do it but i get huge ppm when i test the runoffs . can you give me some info?

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