1. Justice? Hello? GD New Mexico. Meanwhile the world is awakening to the systemic racism of capitalism. Yet New Mexico here seems to think this reporting is informative. Research Harry J Anslinger, you racist devils

  2. You should have to show your ID showing you reside in that state! You’re just asking for trouble. Oh wait, that’s what you want. Ticket those smuggling back into their state. This is so messed up, all they care about is money. They just said it! We the people should rise up because of that. We are children and the politics are the adults????????????? WTF!

  3. Sure, why not? NM is ready teetering on third world status. This should make us an even more attractive to businesses thinking of locating here as if the lowest test scores in the country wasn't enough. As far as the tax benefits, look how the gambling has helped out. Sell our souls for the promise of tax relief. Again.

  4. This is a desperate push, by a governor who has let the states economy fail. Her only hope that it recovers from all these lockdowns and restrictions is a million dollar influence from the pot heads of New Mexico

  5. Bad idea.just dumbing everybody down.people like to think pot has medical benefits when in fact it's just a bandaid or doesn't have a medical purpose at all.this is from personal experience and knowing people who have used it for legitimate medical purposes..they too didn't care for marijuana.not a lot of people figure this out unfortunately.but I guess there is a lot worse things out there..this is just my view and experience on the subject..take it or leave it.

  6. How about making the medical part legal for everyone instead of taking out the health benefits of the plants like Colorado did. I know there people that have health conditions that need it. They should reserve for them. I don’t want the high to get high I want the medical side of it.

  7. Don’t blame the “Pandemic” for the hit to oil and gas, that’s all the democrats fault. Secondly our climate is NOT perfect, our late summer winds and hail do quite a number on finishing crops. Thirdly do NOT sacrifice the medical program for tourism dollars, the DEMOCRAT governor cancelled the state fair and balloon fiesta ending our tourism market, while crushing small businesses to help out the big box stores.

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