Homemade Cannabis Oil Stops Kaitlyn's Seizures 2/01/2021- Australia

What a day…. Just got off the phone from the chief of staff from the news who wants to hopefully interview me today at the apartments at Surfers Paradise for …


  1. No one was hurt by the making of this short clip, she actually got a little bit better! So can someone please explain WHY we are expected to believe in our medical system OR in how our State Police and Prosecutors protect class A drug dealers for INFORMATION!??? It NEVER surprises me anymore on how LOW our police & Gov't have socummed!? I thought we we're the ones with no scruples???

  2. Aus government is investing much money and energy to keep this out of our hands unless we pay through the arse for bud. My brother is going through the prescription process for it, and pays 270 bucks for 10ml of 1.1 extract!

  3. And this is the lucky country??? really its only lucky if you got the money …if ya just like every one else here you suffer like every one else. NOTHING you can do about it but black market or do it ya self…and to tell the truth the crap they putting in stuff now a days its best to make it ya self ,its not hard ,hell even a dum old country boy can do it.still not right tho its so sad to see a baby go through this, the sad part is it dose not have to be.. there is a special place in hell waiting on the people who is holding this up for us .and i wish them well.

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