1. Glad ya got it back up!
    You need to check out Grove bags for the cure. I bag up properly dried and trimmed bud in a half pound bags with a mini hydrometer. Once my humidity stabilizes at 62%, I repackage to smaller bags and seal the bags. The flavors and smells great when you re-bag, but after a month cure in the sealed smaller bags, the terps will slap you in the face! Flavor is off the hook and so damn smooth…………….real smooth. Buds are very firm and resilient. Grinds up perfect.

  2. Hey bro another good vid! Quick question… Have you ever tried or heard of anyone trying a flowering light schedule of 13 hours on / 11 hours off? The thinking behind this being that the extra hour of light every day (vs 12/12) will allow the plant to grow bigger buds. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks! ✌🏼💚

  3. My man caligreen killing the game. Love your content bro I learned so much from you and your knowledge. Keep it up bro.I use Bigfoot mycorrhiza and I love it. How much molasses do you use per gallon of water

  4. Nice 👍 over all but need details on watering you let the soil get dry betwin watering? Also amounts of stuff you add like molasses have had a couple crops outdoors in Colorado from clones but here it’s still illegal so trying to use seeds and no luck I did not have a heat oat but Im in NC and it’s hot

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