Home Grown Harvest Smoke Sesh (Green Dragon Clones)

The plants are done curing and ready to smoke! Check the rest of the video for the full review. Songs in the video: Lakey Inspired – Lakey Inspired – Lakey …


  1. Nope. You didn't really do anything for the plants feeding wise so it grew basic buds. Next time be consistent with your feeding schedule. To be honest these nugs are half as big as they should be and the frost quality ain't really there. If I picked up those nugs I would be madd. Next time try a simple advanced nutrients lineup. For your first run im sure it was fun but you can def get more out of these genetics. Keep up the grow success it only gets better from here.

  2. Been growing 30 years last 2 half weeks flowering try get temperature in tent down 10-15 degrees buds will dense up don't use purple leds use white light leds mars new led alright for cheap lights go alias leds if got money

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