HEXO & Molson Coors Launch Veryvell Sparkling CBD Water in Colorado | Truss Beverage Joint Venture

TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:59 News & Events 03:08 Broader Market Review 07:43 DFLY Stock Review & TA 10:26 HEXO Stock Review & TA 14:33 CAD MJ …


  1. Trump can run again in 4 years UNLESS he is
    Both convicted in senate impeachment hearing AND then they get 51 votes thereafter to ban him from holding federal office. But he must first be convicted by the senate which may not happen. If it does the democrats control the house with Kamala Harris making the 51st vote. POW, you said crypto 4 hour chart is good for crypto, in your opinion what’s the best for finding trends in hexo. Hexo is my biggest holding and by far my biggest gains.

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