Hemp CBD and Autism

Adult with autism getting CBD Hemp. Challenging to get down, but successful. There’s a huge need for alternative drug delivery systems for people with autism.


  1. CBD sucks I give my kiddo 80 mg THC gummy’s when he having bad Stimulated day. Cause of Overstimulation when his Acid reflex and Constipation is not controlled

  2. What does that taste like? It looks like the taste might be putting him off a bit. Is there something yummy you can put into the front end of the syringe so he gets that and starts to swallow before he has time to register the hemp? My mom got me to take nasty Robitussin when I got sick by giving me a little teaspoon of sugar and telling me to drink the medicine fast with the sugar in my mouth. Mary Poppins was right about that! It worked. (Now I can take it like a shot since I drink wine and whiskey sometimes and it tastes similar, I guess my taste buds are different now that I’m an adult.)

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