Harvest GG4 x Super Skunk Vape Pen Review & Trulieve Haul Medical Cannabis Review Florida

Hey guys thanks for watching hope everybody’s having a good weekend sorry the video cut off at the end I got a phone call but I think I got all the important stuff …


  1. True stick co2 vape cart has a better flavor in my humble opinion ….but the distillate makes great eatables LOL 24 key lime cupcakes coming in at 35.5 new meaning to food coma 😎

  2. Thats the distillate I always get from trulieve. I never get the 60 dollar distillate i've tried them and they taste horrible. If you want a better taste and to me a more potent full spectrum oil then get the 75 dollar one its just way smoother on the throat. P.s. it burns clean on the enail tim i set mine anywhere from 428 to 530. But if you want to comatose yourself put it on 723 a d take a nice size drop and carb and hit it quick. This is like taking a Xanax for 15 mins. Cheers.

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