Harvest Day, New Upcoming Grow Sneak Peek.

Harvest Day for a few of my plants, now that the tent is half full it’s time to stock up on some new fire! So far I have some copy cat genetics and roc bud, way more …


  1. Nice grow bruh!! Cant believe you dont have more subs!! Im starting to do more grow and shows! Always been smoking in my videos but now im starting to show my grow hobby and "branch out" 🤣 sorry for the pun! Glad to have found your giveaway!

  2. Awesome Harvesting All Around Broski! Hella Dank! Your Budz look Fantastic! You did an Fire Job on the editings! Your New Run sounds Tight! You could definitely do some Badass Training with those Photos! Cheers!!! Much Props and Much Love!💯🌳🔥💣💥🎆🎉🍻💚😁💪👊✊👍✌

  3. Fire asf my guy, I know your next grow will be even better lol you from from a little closet grow to this huge grow and it’s only your 2nd time good future for you 🙏

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