1. I love your enthusiasm for happy accidents and learning. That's the best. I have done multiple 2 plant per pot because I accidentally put 2 seeds in and couldn't bring myself to chop 1. I used it for bettering my LST and scrog. I've lucked out twice with 2 females.

  2. Is it normal for the plants to look all droopy when you have 2 in one pot ? Cause that's how mine is now , I have 2 in one 5 gallon pot and it looks droopy but the other 3 are looking nice and healthy. The other 3 are single plants

  3. How awesome is that pot?!  So many different variables and "problems" that would usually be such a setback all in one pot, with two plants! This is going to be a really cool experiment, heck it already is!  Can't wait to see how they progress further.

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