Growing Weed Indoors – Step by Step – Training Transplanting Feeding

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  1. I Hope you guys enjoyed Episode 2 of this Start to Finish Grow Guide!

    In last week’s video I asked you guys if you would like to see mainlining in this current season. The idea seemed to really spark interest within the community, with about 95% of people being in support. For those of you who don’t know what mainlining is, it’s an incredibly involved process of plant training that creates a very solid base for the plant to grow off of. It also introduces many new tops that can provide large colas come harvest time.

    Not gonna lie, I didn't expect such a big response from you guys. That response has really made me want to run a practice grow with mainlining before releasing information out to the public. Although I have a good idea of what to do, I don't really feel comfortable providing a guide to something I've never personally done myself. This series is aimed to be a direct guide, rather than a strict documentary. So once I get some experience under my belt, I will be introducing a full start to finish grow guide using mainlining techniques.

    However, that doesn't mean I'm not going to train this season. In fact it’s quite the opposite. This season I will be topping, low stress training, and will be introducing scrog nets to achieve a perfect edge to edge canopy. I want to fill the entire 5×5 up with buds. So expect some amazing looking canopy shots in the future.

    Really appreciate all the support with the seasons return. Don't forget to like and share this video if you enjoyed!


  2. I thought netflex series were addictive . Your knowledge is incredible just subscribe today and I'm watching these like series . Nice work I've listened more to your information than all my teachers in my whole life love ur fucken videos and I'm glad your voice ain't annoying your up there with David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman thanks bro what I will give to smoke ur strains

  3. This is a question abt my plants and the sizing of them, it is now day 20 just started to feed them the micro and bloom, on day 18. And all the measurements are correct, PH is at a solid 6.1 and the temp in my tent is at a solid 79 degrees.

    So the problem I’m running into is how slow everything is taking. The plans look exactly the same as they first sprouted, yes the leafs have gotten a little bit bigger and the stems on them have gotta pretty tall due to how high the light was but now I have lowered them. As well as transplanted into bigger pots. Not sure why it’s taking as long, I’ve seen lot of videos at weeks (1-2) as well as (3-4) explaining this but nothing has answered my question on why it’s taking long for the plant to mature….. maybe I put more bloom or micro ?

  4. Any idea how long your veg is typically (a wider range is fine) from seed until you flip the light schedule? curious how long its taking for you to get these results as I'm growing with almost exactly the same set up. Cheers bro. Love the content and have watched every video start to finish. Quite a few more than once.

  5. It is not nutrients that burn the leaves. I often used Albert's solution as a foliage spray when plants are outside under sunlight.
    It is the water droplets that focuses light from LED grow lights to burn the leaves. That was Sativa.
    But, this Indica you are growing is much more susceptible to burn by water and light. I don't have much experience with Indica strains – but they have sensitive leaves though wide and large.

  6. wich soil do u use ? if u feed so early on its a light mix or?
    and how much water do they get in ur early stages i mean u have large pods right there…
    happy growing and greetings from germany 😉

  7. Hi mate,
    Just wanted to ask you a question.
    Ive just transplanted my 2.5 week old seedlings from 1l pots into 7 gallon fabric pots.
    How much water should i give them in the new 7 gallon pots ? They’re similar size plants to the ones in your videos. Would 1litre of water be enough for now until they get bigger ? Or should i apply more / less ?
    Any feedback would be much appreciated 👍🏼

  8. That’s smoe’s graffiti in the back, did he made that for you ? Big fan of his

    Edit : yeah it is, just watching all your vids and you give him a shout out, so i guess i was right 😂

  9. My next grow i am using 5 gallon pot, 2 gallons of compost from my garden and chicken shit, 3 cups uncomposted goat shit and 5 cups of uncomposted rabbit shit mix well and then fill remainder of the pot with potting soil probably grow better than using any store bought nutrients. Probably never have to feed the entire grow and its pure organic

  10. Great videos, learned lots from you in the past. You should be putting which weeks you're doing all these steps like transplanting and feeding. I know you would assume people should know but beginners who are watching may not. Minor issue tho.

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