1. Every time I used 6500k to start, my auto started to flower too soon, almost no veg. When I start with 2700k they veg, a good long time, then I swap out for 6500k and they flower and bud up, now how do you explain that?

  2. he is totally wrong!!! 6500k sunlight for VEG!!!! 2700 WARM is for FLOWER!!!! 6500 YOU CAN SEE THE BLUE TINT FOR VEG, 2700 WARM HAS A ORANGE TINT FOR FLOWER. be lucky if he gets to harvest anything worth smoking

  3. Nice video. I have 3 plants in my closet with 3 cfl lights…. they popped out the dirt a few days ago so should i add 2 more cfl lights or is 3 enough until veg stage? They only have 2 true leaves and 2 small leaves. I only use regular water and fan… am i on the right track its my 1st time growing

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