Growing Cannabis (QaNaeH BoSeM) for Medicine

Today we are sharing the growth of all natural medical cannabis for pain relief. Rick lives here on our farm, and he grows his own pain relief medicine.


  1. Genesis 1:29, Romans 11:29. Pharma is witchcraft and sorcery. There is a natural cure for every disease on the planet and their all made by Yah! I make pot cookies for cancer, also I make pills out of the stock for stomach issues for cancer. It cures cancer period! This is why the pharma made it illegal, they wouldn't be able to sell their pharma garbage and we could grow our own. All roads lead to Rome don't they.

  2. It took me a year to wean myself from a pharmaceutical drug for post traumatic stress sindrome. I could not afford it any more. Cannibals oil helped me through the worst symptoms. The Word says in Genesis that ABBA YAHUAH gave us the herbs of the field for healing. I'm so grateful to be off those chemicals and don't even need the oil anymore.

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