Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls To Legalize Mobile Sports Betting, Marijuana

With New York facing a massive budget shortfall, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making a bet that sports betting and legalizing marijuana can help close the gap; CBS2 …


  1. Why not legalize opium, cocaine, pcp, meth?, and on the subject of sports gambling, Let’s bring back Roman Gladiator style fighting using death row inmates… Looks like NY is going down the gutter just like Cali…

  2. Australia has had online sports betting for ages. The main thing I feel is to disallow the "pushing" aspect where sports betting companies send you texts all the time trying to get you to gamble.. but if an adult wants to spend their money.. it's up to them.

  3. NYC has too do something, they r so screwed with lose of REPUTATION from the Violent Protest. That's the biggest thing, it's not even Covid-19, but the Protest n Looting. That ruin the image of NYC. It's not a big deal about sports betting n weed. Morality people make a big fuss about his.. I be honest, sports betting is not horrible thing. Morality people do not make a fuss about Wall Street. If they only knew they things that go around that, you won't be saying Wall Street is too moral. To Sports Betting is similar to Wall Street. They are both betting. Business is really about keeping your word n not losing your soul over not helping other people's suffering. With too many suffering people, you lose your society, then you lose your family n without family you don't need business. Having a family n business, they go together. Weed, if you a bible thumber, remember it was alcohol that lead to Noah to get drunk n become naked n not weed. So moderation, I say. However each have to decide what is too much or should not at all.

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