Gorilla Glue Autoflower week 10 Harvest Growers Choice seeds review Desert Punk grows cannabis

Gorilla Glue Autoflower week 10. In this video we follow the Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds from Growers Choice seeds through week number 10. We Harvest are …


  1. Bro my autos are bigger than that by week 3, those plants are terrible… my stocks are always the size of half dollars and all I grow is gg.. that's really laughable and I mean no disrespect at all but wtf???

  2. My Gorilla glue autoflower seeds produced approximately four to five and a half ounces per plant… the one plant that produces only 2 oz I was saddened and disgusted with… No offence brother but you need to find a better grow system you should be producing much more bud

  3. Rough f'n crowd… I live in the midwest, about the same climate accept more humid.. We get 14 hours sun "not all direct" but i stressed mine from sprout to present and i had same outside results only i did a straight budget by planting one gg in my composted medium and added my own calcium and magnesium. Bone meal and burnt hard wood as potash… Week 7 i brought inside and is doing way better. Not only stressed by heat but i super cropped her by accident but she really didn't miss a beat on that one. For my firat successful grow so far in week9 now i am thinking genetics aren't great.. Im gonna use canuk or i love growing marijauana… Got the bloomspec and the mars hydro ts 600 for next one i grow.. Keep up these badass vids well put together.. Ps you need DPG bandanas in tje merch..

  4. Nice video bro, you did a good job editing. How was the potency of the bud? I can understand why you decided to put it in water. I'm dealing with spider mites. Nobody wants to smoke bugs with their buds.

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