1. I have a few prank friends with delta 8 carts to see affect. Do a video deeply explains the differences between delta 8 and delta 9. And Maybe a hemp in public prank where u could pass things out later. I’ve personally never tried hemp flower haha so I don’t know how it is

  2. Thanks for the coupon Chris! How about talking about your different products and maybe sharing some video testimonials from customers. Have a great day!😎 oh yeah almost forgot, really like to hear more about Delta 8. Amazing stuff!

  3. Shyte set up a delta 8 live CONTEST win all you can smoke and eat. Live on set date .Legit asf and everybody want a toke or a gummie. A trailer with youtube review of product. Weeding cake cart was hitting.

  4. Speak in more detail about the differences in how Delta 8 feels vs Delta 9 and the legality of Delta 8vs9 in various stages as well as pros and cons of why someone would be better off utilizing the benefits of Delta 8 vs Delta 9 and last but not least … Ask the question… Can Delta 8 be used in a way to break a Delta 9 marijuana dependency? I think it's a valid question because I feel it can be used legally as a powerful tool ease the withdrawal symptoms of a heavy Cannabis addiction, lots of people want to stop getting stoned but can't for various reasons mostly to do with heavy withdrawal and in my humble opinion and life experience so far I've realized this actually can be used as a tool to break a chronic marijuana addiction (pun intended). I find it a very valuable tool in fight to get high…not stoned.

  5. Do a giveaway! Everyone loves a giveaway!lol Or you should be blindfolded by a friend, and see how many of the flowers that you can identify just by smoking it, or by holding it to feel it and guess. Find out how well you know you're own stuff!

  6. Post updates on the legality/regulations around the cannabis industry – both D8 and D9. I think this would help with those who are worried about trying something new.

  7. Do a video regarding the vape juice ban where USPS does not deliver vape products after end of March. I love your products and seriously am loyal and will continue to order as long as you deliver. There has to be a way to fight this and not just give up on the issue. I know it's a horrid issue and unfair and political and revolves on getting tobacco profits thru the MSA back into the states pockets. To do that they are demonizing vaping and until some of the bans there were some organized groups thru contributions able to file some appeals and motions to repeal or reverse these unfair laws. Bottom line people are gonna keep ordering the vape juice and Delta 8 THC no doubt. Maybe price will have to reflect new delivery method but there will be 100% survivors and hope it's you guys. Thank you for the $10 gift code I'm gonna place another order here soon.

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