1. I like how he says marijuana is easy for the body to process, but doesn't talk about how the body processes smoke and the many carcinogens found in marijuana. 99% of people using marijuana are smoking it.

  2. Did he just say cannabis hasn’t killed anyone? Like if cigarettes or liquor has killed anyone in your life. I can think of about 12 for me. And those things are taxed 🤔 sounds like someone gets rich off death 🇺🇸

  3. I've had bad palpations like my heart is going to beat out of my chest everytime I smoke marijuana, feel like I'm going to die, the shakes and all, will this truly help or put a stop to that for good because I would really love to smoke and have a comfortable high for my own personal reasons, any one experience this and know how to get rid of it?

  4. I got high with my boyfriend Iv been with for just over 2 months, and it was the first time Iv smoked it with him before, my heart was racing and I felt really nervous for some reason and it felt like I was scared of him 😶but I had no reason to be, and I tried putting music on to see if it helped but it didn’t, a short while after I started overthinking a load of things and then I ended up being sick, I’m unsure why it was but if anyone knows if it’s normal to feel scared or paranoid while smoking weed please reply down below

  5. Cannabis can make you hallucinate mildly if you overdo it and many people can tell stories of that. It doesn't therefore imply you have mental issues like the doc. made out, it just means you're either not smoking the right stuff or you're smoking too much of what you have and you need to know your limits better. Also, THC is scientifically proven to share certain properties to fit into the category of a hallucinogenic drug despite not actually being considered an hallucinogen.

  6. when i smoke weed i thing from evry wher my enemys will come and stab me from behind thats why i got a knife evry day and i think evrybody one kiss me so i get paranoid when a man comes to close to me im not gay but when im high im so fuckin paranoid and schyzophrnik i was walkin down the streets hearing my name then i look back and i see 30 poeple running at me and sreaming i took my knife and started runnin then i look there was nobody i wa haluzinating or i hear poeple walking behind me i look back nobody is there like my brain wona fuck me up

  7. The only reason weed makes anyone paranoid is as a reaction to society's hysteria surrounding it.  It can intensify your perceptions and if you have to fear getting caught and having people pretend to befriend you just to set you up for arrest etc then of course it can make one paranoid.  But it's not the drug itself it's the hostile environment.

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