1. They look amazing, you should look into cleaning them up…every branch and just leave few nodes on top…they are too bushy. You will get lots of crap inside of them that you wont be actually wanting…clean em out till u can see thru them. They have months to grow and they will look better…

  2. Looks great brother if it ain’t organic it ain’t right don’t add extra bottle nutes
    And also when your growing organic you ain’t gotta worry about ph your water cause it level out

  3. Hey bro as a professional grower to say it nice your gonna get low grade by the way the plants growing. Make sure you always ph water at 6.8. For soil and study what nutrients do for that plants also use terpinator it maximizes plants oil and terps by 30% also of ur plants dont get direct sun light all day its gonna be low grade to get correct 100 % photosynthesis plants need direct sunlight so its a waiste to feed them if there not getting direct sunlight they wont uptake the nutrients or water correctly

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