Freedom from Choice: How the Government Controls What You Consume | Lobby | ENDEVR Documentary

Freedom from Choice: How the Government Controls What You Consume | Lobby Industry | Business Documentary from 2014 Life is about choice. What we eat …


  1. Seems if you look. There are a lot of education videos on YouTube that are now coming out from about a year ago? All are dealing with educating us on life, money, spiritual and government, explainingwhat and why we are going throughright now it seems. I find that interesting 🤔

  2. This is the real pandemic that's been going unchecked for ages. I'm South African and this is happening here too. Politicians are corrupt globally. They are killing us and generations to come.

  3. Similar event happened in india
    Govt made a rule that honey which has moisture content above 20% is considered sub standard.
    Which make several farmers go bankrupt and even commit suicide.
    Everything works for the lobby.

  4. I was in the dairy business 77 to 86 milking 1100 cows three times a day in that time I think Bill Clinton Harry Reid an other government creatures were lobbied we started pumping milk down the drain every day it still goes on today WHY you ask to keep the price up we were payed not to produce this happens in many industries


  6. peter schiff does not like the government to choose what we buy but it is fime and dandy when Monsanto or Conagra does it because he is sure free enterprise is more concerned about consumer safety than profit. Apparently schiff wants to blame the political minions for doing what their corporate masters want. capitalists like schiff himself.

  7. The fed should have regulated speculative derivatives but that would have been like the goat guarding the cabbage. The point is that when regulation is not enough, Schiff should not recommend having less regulation but rather taking the government out of the bed of private banks. banks should be publicly owned.

  8. Words have power. We need to stop being lazy and simply blame "The Government." We need to name the Corporations, and wealthy individuals who use their wealth to CONTROL our Government.

    Government is an inanimate object, just like a firearm. It depends on the person weilding said objects, that make it good or bad.

    The more we just lazily blame the Government, the more those actually controlling the Government, can continue to hide behind the curtain.

  9. Great documentary. The more the general public is educated about these issues, the stronger we become in the fight for equality – whether it be in business, politics, and other societal problems. Too bad younger kids just want to collect unemployment and go on instagram all day.

  10. As I was watching the audio got cut at 42:42, as did the cc, though the video itself kept rolling right along. Rewound it and the same exact same thing at the exact same time and all goes back to normal at 44:32. Weird? Coincidence? Nefarious?

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