1. I do mine like this, I like your drip pan. Smart as not to flush in the drain. The only thing I do different, is to run my fingers down the stump and into the roots and into the soil to loosen up the soil around my roots. Feels good. I do this while water is abundant. I keep water in 30 gal cans w air rocks. ppms at 7 – 14. Without over spilling the soil keep adding water while massaging soil from the main roots. Wash as lo g as you want. After, let drain half way. Clean-Up: Pull your hand from dirt. Pour water over hand and back into pot to keep soil in pot. Keep adding as much water as you'd like. I went from 1400 ppm to 88 ppm in 2 days, then let her chill like that for about 4 to 5 days. Some say more. Remember your plant is still living you even though there are no nutrients. Some plants swell and some plants don't. Keep an eye on your trichomes and cut when you think it's right. That's why I cut mine in 4 to 5 days. I couldn't let the percentage of amber t-comes keep showing up. Sorry to interrupt. Keep on growing and keepi g this ger. I keep on learning.

  2. I flush before i even plant. In brand new dirt. Your pot size seems excessive for yourplant size. General rule of thumb 1gallon per month of growth if your watering in nutrients. Your plants will flower quicker and senescence will be easier to achieve if your plant is almost root bound when flowers form. 👍looking bomb though! Great job! 🔥

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