Flushing Hydroponics | Flushing Weed Garden Before Harvesting (Hydro)

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  1. 10 videos about how to empty/flush the res ready for clean water and no one actually shows you. can't unplug the hoses to move the res as the cunt full of water, water pump doesn't empty all the water. can anyone point me to a video that is going to help

  2. I made an automaitc resevoir which maintains nutrient levels at your desire controls ph level, does flush sequennces once or twice a week at your discretion. Also has thermo pump chiller to maintain,water at 70 degrees.,calls you when you're running low in nutrients in your injectors, calls you for chiller failure, calls you if there's a spill also evacuates the water and shuts down until,you come and repair spill.

  3. I use reverse osmosis water and dirt/vermiculite (More vermiculite than dirt) in 5 gallon buckets for my grows. During the last 3 or 4 days, I siply flush through the buckets with RO water and allow it to drain out the bottom of the buckets. I grow with either Nitrogen fertilizer for the first week or two, and then when I throw the lights from 18 hours to 12 hours, I switch over to phosphates. Soil grown plants love the acidic range, and I find that starting with neutral (7.0 PH) RO water, it goes acidic when I add fertilizer to the mix. My end product gets rave reviews. NNot a single person has ever said anything about a chemical taste. In fact, the most common comment is how good it smells/tastes, and how well it burns. I swear by using reverse osmosis water.

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