1. Why 11 on 13 off ??? what do you think you will accomplish in comparison to 12on .12 off .. its not gonna be doing anything else then give you less growth speed

  2. hi I've worked something out that i think people need to know, might make for better growing, you're on about getting a bigger harvest, why not follow nature and see how much bigger the yield will be, if i said you could more then quadrouple your yield wouldn't that be worth a try? in the uk plants are FINISHED FLOWERING in 21SEPT-7th OCT time outside, well the light/dark cycle in 21sept is 15/9 ,7th oct it's 14.5/9.5 but that is when it is FINISHED! go back 2 months which is when it must of started flowering 21JULY the L/D CYCLE  is 17/7  by all the working out I've done, it's obvious to me the 17/7 cycle is SPECIAL as the PLANT IS ACTUALLY VEGGING AND FLOWERING 50%/50% EQUALLY, that last statment has a special meaning to me does it give you a idea? anyway 7th july 16.5/7.5  the plant is vegging and flowering but 75%veg/25% flower, 7th aug it's vegging and flowering but now its 25%veg/75%flowering? big QUESTION how long would it take to flower at different L/D CYCLES any ideas? at say 16/8? 21 aug equivalent? outside, every 2weeks the light/dark cycle moves by 30mins, has anyone tried mimicking the gradual decrease to harvest time? instead of saying to the plant winter is coming, you basically spring it on the plant winter is already here! 12/12 is equivalent to the 21st DECEMBER! the worlds shortest day! weed plants just like most other plants are long done by winter, lucky for you I've mapped it out and I'll post it below enjoy!

    4 stages of flower/days/what happens
    12hr on/12hr off DECEMBER 21st worlds SHORTEST day

    (1) (14days) increased flower hormone causes vegetive growth hormone to go crazy up to 2x-3x in size

    (2) (14days) pistoles BEGIN to MULTIPLY all over the plant, vegetive growth stops.

    (3) (14days) pistoles BEGIN to SWELL

    (4) (14days) pistoles STOP SWELLING and BEGINS to RIPEN!, TIME to FLUSH

    (=) (56days) x 12hours darkness = 672 hours total darkness*
    (used as a basis to calculate how many days at different dark periods)
    12/12= 56days = 21st december
    7 june  17.5/6.5 vegging 75%/ 25% flowering

    21 JUNE 18/6 vegging 100%

    7  july   17.5/6.5 vegging 75%/ 25% flowering

    21 JULY 17/7  (96-days 24-24-24-24) VEGGING50%             +50%FLOWERING

    7 aug  16.5/7.5 (90-days 22.5-22.5-22.5-22.5) VEG 25%+75% FLOWERING

    21 AUG 16/8 (84-days 21-21-21-21) FLOWER PISTOLES FIRST VISIBLE

    7 sept 15.5/8.5 (79-days 20-20-20-20)buds swell

    21 Sept 15/9 (75-days 18-18-18-18) flower finishing/ flushing time

    7 oct   14.5/9.5 (71-days 17.5-17.5-17.5-17.5) harvest time

    21 Oct   14/10 (67-days 16.6-16.6-16.6-16.6DAYS)

    7 nov  13.5/10.5 (64-days 16-16-16-16DAYS)

    21 NOV 13/11 (61-days 15.25-15.25-15.25-15.25DAYS)

    7 dec  12.5/11.5 (58-days 14.5-14.5-14.5-14.5DAYS)

    21 DEC  12/12 (56-days 14-14-14-14DAYS) death and new life + when growers start indoors.

  3. I've done this experiment it works it shortens your budding time and affect your yield but if you go 12 hours and 20 minutes dark instead of 12 12 cycle it doesn't affect your yield it shortens your time a little bit but not a lot give it a try if you want to see some sticky sweet buds

  4. TNB C02 they empty way to fast. From experience I had them tested. Def not what they say at 2 weeks. Mine was half empty by day 4 and empty just about by day 9 but hey. What do we expect. Also question guys. Is 80 degrees too hot for veg. ?

  5. I'm no expert but I'd guess, 11 – 13 would trick the plant into thinking its close to the end of summer thus the plant ramps up if flowering in an effort to finish befote winter, so i can see how a plant in a constant light cycle like 11-13 would make for fatter buds, but it's just a guess

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