1. Abolish qualified immunity to all government officials from the top all the way down to the cops & abolish police unions, these Sovereign citizens calling themselves law enforcement must be held accountable to the fullest extent and punished at the maximum

  2. It's the sellers that are the crooks of the pot deals. Their territory and guns for protection. Yea, crime. Get rid of the sellers and we can buy our pot from legit stores and you can collect your taxes. And yeah if the dog says they are driving while high take their license like drunk drivers. There. More revenue for you.

  3. Detecting mary jane is a primary tool of law enforcement in subjugating the minority population to unwarranted searches of their person and property; seeing that blacks are 6 times more likely than their white counterparts to stoped, handcuffed, and searched, this will decrease the forced interactions between cops and the oppressed…

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