This Channelโœ… Posts EVERY SUNDAY! The closet grow is approaching the end of flower and it’s almost time to harvest. I go over how to determine your flowers …


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  2. Hey brother love the channel I would like to get your opion on my grow how can I reach you? I am a first time grower and I am not sure what stage of flowering I am dont want to mess this up

  3. Hey bud ive been watching a lot of your videos recently and love the channel, many thanks! watching, ive been wanting to switch from my synthetics to organic nutrients. Where is a good place to order gaya green or are there other brands you recommend? i can not seem to find any retailers or hydro stores that carries this line.

  4. Hi brother love your videos. 1st time grower I'm 5 weeks into flower n I'm so worried I'm gonna fuck up and harvest to late .this grow is stressing me out any tips for a total beginner !!

  5. Question – During the last 14 days of flower cycle, do you try to keep medium completely moist up until last 3 days of 24hr darkness? What should the mediums moisture levels be at the end(last3-5 days) of the 14 day flush?

  6. Your experience and knowledge is appreciated! I live in a place where you get thrown in a cage for growing beautiful flowers. All I can say is by the time it is legal here. I will know what I am doing thanks to you. If that happens in my lifetime.
    They get money in the system by putting people in jail then probation. For weed, can't they get money in the system by growing a few flowers of their own? Or is it easier locking people away from families and stealing their freedom ?

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