Evaluating Vinegar Uses in the Garden (Sorry, No Miracles Today)

Recommended uses for vinegar in the garden include: weed killer, fungicide, insecticide, animal repellant, rooting hormone, fertilizer, amongst others. Is there …


  1. Thank you Jason. Very interesting. As for your baking soda recipe regards, would that work on powdery mildews? So far, I was using baking soda/vegetable oil/soap/water combination with ok results and wouldn't mind to find something more effective. THX

  2. Thank you for always being realistic and not promoting hocus pocus. A few canes on a favorite rose had black spot. I removed the canes and isolated the plant. At this point, would you recommend Dorman oil or just use a regular fungicide spray that I use when the plant is in leaf?

  3. I really appreciate that you offer alternatives to the 'miracle cures' and do so in a thoughtful way. It's very frustrating to watch a 'debunking video' that's just someone spouting off a hot take and leaving the viewer to find a better solution on their own.

  4. I would like a similar one for coffee grounds. One study shows caffeine negatively affects slugs, so IF coffee grounds still have caffeine in them, it would work against slugs. But, coffee grounds are recommended for everything as well.

  5. Thank you for this. I spent an entire year trying out these "organic miracles" with them either not doing anything beneficial at all. Or flat out destroying my plants. My most frustrating miracle everyone swears by is DE. I keep different kinds of invertebrates and had a few insect enclosures not in use. I took some different pests and put them In the enclosures using DE as a substrate. They all lived a happy healthy life in a 1 inch bed of DE Without issue. I've used de in every way listed and suggested by those who promote it to no avail. It has also ruined some potting soil. Do you have any thoughts on the miraculous effects of DE?

  6. Thank you for clearing up this topic! I've never tried any of these, but I always thought they worked because I've seen some of these recipes in gardening books & articles for decades. Due to my laziness, LOL, I bought neem oil spray instead of mixing up the recipe of vinegar & soap. Glad I didn't waste my time & effort, only to be disappointed in the end. Super nice to hear from a professional grower on this one.

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