EDD Unemployment Update with $300 and 11 Week Extension December Stimulus Explain Certify PUA EBT CA

New EDD Unemployment Benefits $300 and 11 weeks extension. Download my apps for Rakuten to get $40 free to shop and Ibotta to get free food discounts.


  1. My benefits haven’t expired and got my edd notice for the 13 week extension and I only got two of those checks and for this week after logging into my edd account there was a notice saying that there was no further payments available until my benefits expired for current claim. Have any suggestion? On how to get the rest f the 13 week extension

  2. So the extra 11 weeks should just be added on correct? I don’t have to call them to add them right? Also if I didn’t get the 300 this past Monday when I got my unemployment. Will it come next time I get paid??

  3. Got a message from my inbox that says that my claim has ended. But i still have 7 weeks worth in my balance of my benefit. Why my edd claim has ended when i continue to certify and claim?

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  5. Same.. I certified this week the 27th for the last two weeks and I’m still on pending. Usually by Sunday night it switches to paid then money shows up on the card Monday, but still pending, I’m getting 116$ (58$) weekly, so once this 116 switches to paid, I will have $58 remaining in my claim balance, what will happen to that?

  6. It says I have reached maximum benefits paid and that I can't file another claim til my current benefit year ends, on dec 26 I filed my last benefits claim got my last amount of money but there is still 315 in the benefits claim balance, will I have do something for the extension or is it automatically ?

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